Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe | Santa Monica, CA

Yes, there’s a line out the door. No, that didn’t scare us away!

Fear not, fellow line-o-phobes. The line at Huckleberry in Santa Monica moves quickly, and you’re going to need a little bit of time to sort out your fomo issues from the tempting menu anyway. This place has the brunch operation streamlined beautifully – as soon as your order is placed, the staff is working to help you find a perfect table.

The décor is bright and airy with hints of vintage nostalgia in the form of chalkboard menus, mason jar water glasses, classic leafy wallpaper, and old family photos on the walls (cue ukulele music). There are vibrant little succulents in tiny red pots lining the center of the communal table, offering another pop of color to offset those golden yellow egg yolks you ordered.

Huckleberry’s menu offers brunch classics but presents them in unique and flavorful ways. We especially loved the bright, crunchy, and satisfying Caesar Salad with Mary’s Chicken, which paired well with the classic Fried Egg Sandwich on country toast. As a decadent treat, we shared the bread pudding in all its rich, caramelly, creamy glory.

The drink menu is robust and tempting, as well. In fact, Huckleberry gets that rare special star for homemade almond milk! The addition of dates added a welcome touch of sweetness to our iced lattes.

Huckleberry is a charming spot that lives up to the hype with flavorful food and well-crafted coffee. It’s definitely worth a visit, even on a busy weekend!